What should we wear?

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This is easily one of the questions I'm most asked by clients, especially during family sessions. My #1 piece of advice that I give time and time again is coordinate, but don't match. If everyone is wearing red shirts and everyone is wearing dark wash jeans, it's going to be challenging to not make you look like one giant mass of red and blue. Instead, pick a few colors that you love and that coordinate, and build a wardrobe around that.

That being said, there are three things that I tell my clients to consider before choosing their wardrobe for portraits:

1. Comfort: If family members aren't comfortable in what they're wearing, it's going to show in the images. So, make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible on portrait day.

2. Season: Before choosing a color scheme, think about what time of year your photographs are being taken. Will your color scheme go with the scenery around you? For example, maybe save the hot pink and bright blues for a summer portrait session, and maybe not when you're being photographed among beautiful fall foliage.

3. Style: Make sure there's consistency (or at least balance) in the style of wardrobe everyone is wearing on portrait day. You may not want dad wearing a full suit while his son is beside him in shorts and a t-shirt. Just like you wouldn't want your daughter wearing an elaborate gown while mom is wearing jeans and a sweater. There's a balance there, you can find it!

And if that information isn't enough, I've still got you covered over on my Pinterest page


My {wardrobe.planning} board has so many wardrobe ideas and color combinations, you'll be able to find something that will work for even the pickiest of families. 

And a little something for the seniors...my {senior.style} board has so many options that will help you when building your session wardrobe.

And if THAT'S still not enough for you, remember, I'm on call to help you decide what will look the best for your session. We'll consider where you're having your portraits taken, what time of year, what time of day, what colors will look best on everyone being photographed...there's so much to consider, and I'm here to help you every step of the way!

ONE LAST THING, while you're over looking at my Pinterest boards, you may want to go ahead and follow me on Pinterest because remember, every client of Carrie Harris Photography gets their own customized secret Pinterest board full of my ideas for your session. You'll be added to the board and will be able to share with me things that you like as well!