Let's discuss your photography investment, shall we? 

Because talking money is always fun...

Family portrait sessions at Carrie Harris Photography begin at $350 and include both digital images and print products.

Senior portrait sessions begin at $500 and also include both digital images and print products. 


why is it worth me spending my hard earned money at carrie harris photography? 

That's the question we all want answered, right? You can take a photo on an iPhone, so why pay me for your portrait session?

Because Carrie Harris Photography is a full service photography studio. So yes, I'll bring my camera and take your portraits. Then, I'll take them home and do my professional retouching magic to make the images look their very best...just like any other photographer. But what else you get from Carrie Harris Photography is me holding your hand (metaphorically, of course...unless you really need some support...) and walking you through the entire process. 

Not sure what outfit to wear for your photos? I'm there to help.

Having a hard time deciding which images to purchase? Me again.

Can't decide where to display your images and what size you need for your home? I'll come over and we'll figure it out together! 

But this is just the beginning of what you get when you book with Carrie Harris Photography.. Call (217.691.0394) or e-mail me (carrie@carrieharrisphoto.com) if you have any interest in a portrait session and we'll sit down together and figure out what is the ideal session for you.